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Help... Search by Item Number

When searching by item number, you must enter a complete item number including the catalog code letter(s).
EXAMPLE: Z12345C not Z12345.


Nasco Catalog Name: Suffix: Nasco Catalog Name: Suffix:
Ag Science
Laboratory Sampling Products WA
Arts & Crafts   Math T
Dissection Materials MH Nutrition HR
Early Learning J Physical Education E
Elementary Education B Science M
Family & Consumer Science H Senior Activities C
Farm & Ranch N Showing & Grooming NH
Health Education G SIMLAB® UG
Healthcare U Special Education CQ


Help... Search by Keyword

Search entries can be one word or a phrase. Here are some tips to help you use all the search features to find what you are looking for.

General Information:

Search for all forms of a word by typing in the root of the word.
For example: Type in “key” to find “key,” “keyhole,” “keyboard,” “answer key,” “keying.”

The search will look for matches in groups of items (index matches) as well as matches with specific individual products. The index matches may help you narrow your search to product groups.

On the results display, the first group of 10 index (categories) matches will appear, followed by the first group of 10 product matches. If there are more than 10 matches, click on either the "Next" link or page number.

How a Search is conducted:

  • Searches for Title of Product
  • Searches in the Description of Product
  • Searches for Any Index Matches